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Dutch Harness Horse

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Dutch Harness Horse

Image from agriflanders


Also called Tuigpaard, the Dutch Harness is a type of KWPN, but a different branch that is dedicated to harness animals. This breed is distinctive among warmbloods for their high, flashy action.


These animals were originally used on farms for field work, and also as status symbols by the farmers on town visits. This pride in the animal has persisted in the Dutch communities and created excellent breeding conditions for this unique animal.

As the onslaught of mechanization made farm horses a thing of the past, those same farmers took their love of the animal into the show ring. A select few of the farmers & breeders concentrated their efforts on perfecting a carriage type saddle horse.


Average height 16.2 hands


Head is expressive and tends to be narrow & dry
Neck is set high
Shoulders are long & powerful
Back is long
Tail is high set

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | roan | pinto | cream dilutions


Good tempered & willing to work


Riding horse
Carriage horse
Competition horse

Dutch Harness Horse Products

Helpful Links

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Where to Buy

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Dutch Harness Horse Studs

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Reflection Farms


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