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Schleswiger Heavy Draft Horse

Country of Origin: Germany

Schleswiger Heavy Draft


Also called the Holsteiner Coldblood, & Schleswiger Kaldblut, the Schleswiger Heavy Draft comes from northern Germany. In their heyday they were widely used as a working horse, but sadly today they are on the list of endangered domestic animal breeds.


In 1888 the breeders of Schleswig Holstein decided they wanted to separated the breeding of warmbloods from that of heavier animals & by 1891 the Schleswiger Horse Breeders Society was formed (their brandmark is still used today).

To achieve desired results Holstein warmbloods were crossed with Oldenburger, Suffolk Punch, & Jutland blood and the resulting animal was one of great presence, strength and personality.


Average height 15.2 – 16 hands


Head is short & straight
Neck is well proportioned
Back is short & well muscled
Legs are strong, dry and have light feathering
Hooves are round and good quality

Traditional Colors

Generally chestnut with flaxen mane & tail but also found in black | grey | bay


Placid & willing


Military mounts
Brewery horses

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Society of Schleswiger Horse Breeders

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