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Bosnian Pony

Country of Origin: Bosnia

Bosnian Pony


Along with the Hucul and the Konik ponies, the Bosnian pony (also called Bosanski brdski konj) is called one of the Balkan breeds and all three share the same ancestors.

Bosnian Pony


This breed is thought to be close descendant of the Tarpan with Mongolian influence. By the 17th and 18th centuries many of the bloodlines had been diluted with the blood of eastern horses

Since 1900 the breeding has been selective in Yugoslavia and controlled by the government to preserve original qualities. The stallions are maintained by the state and the mares are privately owned.


Average height 12.3 – 14. hands
Small, compact and sturdy
Surefooted and hardy


Head is heavy with straight profile
Neck is short and muscular
Back is short and straight
Chest is deep and wide
Legs are strong, short and muscular with broad joints
Hoof is well-formed and hard

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay | dun | palomino


Docile and good-natured

Bosnian Pony


Farm animal
Riding horse

Bosnian Pony Products

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