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Calvinia Horse

Country of Origin: South Africa

Student - Registered SA Vlaamperd


Also called the Hantam Horse the Calvina is incredibly rare, if any purebred animals exist at all.


This is a relatively new breed as was developed during the 19th century in the western cape of South Africa. The Hantom horse is the result of a cross between Arabian & Thoroughbred animals to local cape mares (Boer horses). More recently Friesian, Oldenburg & Cleveland Bay has also been added. The resulting animal has a great attitude and graceful conduct.

Since 1983 when a breeder’s society was formed these animals have been known as the SA Vlaamperd, a rare breed found only in western South Africa.


Average height 14.2 – 15.2 hands
Stylish high-stepping action


Well conformed

Traditional Colors

black | bay


Docile & good natured


Riding horse
Driving horse
Show horse

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Country of Origin: South Africa | Colors: ,
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