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Coffin Bay Pony

Country of Origin: Australia

Coffin Bay Pony3


The Coffin Bay Pony is a semi-feral breed that is native to Coffin Bay, on the southern tip of the Eyre Peninsula in Australia. Often confused with the Brumby’s, these ponies do not share their lineage & are protected by fences from them.

Coffin Bay Pony Mares


The bloodlines of these ponies come from 60 Timor ponies imported by English settlers in the mid-19th century for breeding. From the beginning the breeding was selective and controlled for quality and purity but as the operations expanded additional bloodlines were added including Welsh Cob, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Clydesdale & Hackney.

During the 20th century breeding horses became less & less commercially viable and the animals that were once meticulously bred became more of a liability. In 1972 the breeding farm was given to the South Australian Government to become a national park.

Since that time, preservation of the ponies is managed by volunteers of the Coffin Bay pony Society. This group ensures that their numbers stay reasonable so they are allowed to remain in the park.

Two Types

There are two acceptable types of Coffin Bay Pony, a lighter saddle-type and a stronger, more robust type.


Average height no taller than 14.2


Highly reminiscent of the Timor ponies

Traditional Colors

Chestnut | Grey | Bay | Black | Roan | Dun
No pinto white patterns


Friendly & manageable when domesticated


When domesticated make great riding ponies

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