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Cuban Paso Horse

Country of Origin: Cuba

Cuban Paso Horse

Image from scaturchio


Cuba has no indigenous horses which means that the breeds ‘native’ to the country were all brought there by Chirstopher Columbus & later the conquistadores.

Cuban Paso Horse

Image from Martin Cathrae


Once the Spanish had conquered the area their horses were left to become feral. Over the years the habitat and natural selection shaped these animals in isolation. The Cuban Paso or Cuban gaited horse began to show the lateral gait of the Jennet.

This breed is characterized by their smooth four-beat gait which they can maintain over long distances. Due to their isolation this breed has maintained many of the characteristics of their Iberian ancestors.

These same ancestors are shared by many different breeds throughout the West Indies & Central & South America. Each one specifically bred & prized for their localized confirmation, rarely are they crossbred.


Average height 13.3 – 15 hands
Harmonious confirmation


Head is small and refined with a straight profile
Ears are small, eyes are large & expressive
Neck is medium in length, arched & muscular
Back is moderate in length
Chest is wide & well muscled
Legs are short & muscular with large knees & well defined tendons

Traditional Colors

All Colors


Energetic & animated

Cuban Paso Horse


Riding Horse
Work Horse

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Country of Origin: Cuba | Colors:
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