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Zhumd Horse

Country of Origin: Lithuania

Zhumd Horse

Image from Tocekas


The Zamituka, Zemaituka, Zemaichu, Zhmudk or Zhmud horse comes from Lithuania and they are a forest type that is part of the Konik family.

Zhumd Horse

Image from B.gliwa


These animals have been bred in the area since the 16th century and used by local people for farming & transportation. Throughout the years they have been influenced by various other exotic types and more recently in the 19th century Arabian stock was added. By the start of the 20th century there were two distinct types within the breed, one lighter and more refined (though fewer in numbers) and a heavier animal without the Arabian refinement.


Average height 13.2 – 14.3 hands


Head is handsome with a straight or somewhat dished profile
Neck is well developed & muscular
Back is flat & solid
Legs are clean

Traditional Colors

black | bay | dun


Riding pony
Light draft
Show pony
Improving other breeds


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Country of Origin: Lithuania | Colors: , ,
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