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Timor Pony

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Timor Pony

Image from Nick Hobgood


The Timor Pony is the smallest of the Indonesian pony breeds and comes from the island of Timor. They are known for their agility and while they are small in stature, they are incredibly strong & often used as cattle horses.


This breed was among the first horses taken to Australia and contributed to the Whaler & the Australian Pony. They also made their way to South Africa where their bloodlines helped to create the Basuto & the Cape Horse.


Average height 10 – 12 hands


Head is small with a straight profile
Neck is short & muscular
Back is short & strong
Chest is deep
Legs are sturdy with good joints
Feet are shapely & hard

Traditional Colors

All common colors


Lively yet obedient

Timor Pony


Riding horse
Light draft
Cow pony

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Country of Origin: Indonesia | Colors:
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