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Autre Que Pur Sang

Country of Origin: France


the Autre Que Pur Sang or (AQPS) loosely translates to ‘other-than pure blood’ & is a classification used for race horses in France that are not of pure English Thoroughbred lineage.


The AQPS is an exclusive category of racing, horses must have 75% English Thoroughbred & less than 5% Arabian blood to participate. The rest of the bloodlines can be a mix of regional French saddle horses (like French Saddle Horse & Anglo-Arabian). These animals are run both on flat tracks & in steeplechase races.

This mix is not as swift as the English Thoroughbred, although they prove to be sturdier & to possess more endurance. They often excel in obstacle races & longer distances against an open field. This classification does not exist for hunter, jumpers or eventing, it is limited to the race track.


Race horse


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Country of Origin: France |
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