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Vanner Horse

Country of Origin: Ireland

Gypsy Vanner Horse

Image from Lil Shepherd


These horses come from the mighty shire, the bulky clydesdale, the flashy friesian and the surefooted dales pony. Through the years these animals have been selectively bred for size, docile temperament and colors vibrant enough to match the gypsy caravans they pulled through England and Ireland.

Gypsy Vanner Horse


Also called Gypsy Vanner, Tinker Horse, the Vanner is a relatively recent breed on paper, and their bloodlines have been carried through oral tradition from generation to generation of the families who bred them.

Their name comes from the caravans they pull, and the personality and stature of the animal is attributed to being a solid (yet flashy) horse in harness.


Average height 13-15 hands
Heavy feathering make them appear to float when they move
Feathering make them appear to float when they move


Short back
Broad chest
well-rounded hindquarters
Large hooves with feathering
Fine head on strong neck
Long and flowing mane and tail

Traditional Colors

All colors are celebrated in this breed, generally they produce a pinto white pattern, however solid colors can be found.


A mild temperament is one of the breed standards
Intelligent, kind and docile
Strong and athletic
Social and eager for friendship

Gypsy Vanner Horse


Show horses (both english and western)
Pleasure horse
Dressage horse

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