The Basics of Horse Care

There is nothing basic about horse basics, get to know the animal.
General CareHorse care is a never ending journey, full of trials & tribulations, mistakes & education. Horse people all around the world learn lessons the hard way every day.

Because of this, innovation will always be a part of horse ownership. Communication & understanding are core principles for raising animals.

Horse FeedYou get what you give, so the fuel you put in your horse will determine what you get from them in return. Pure healthy sources are essential to development & growth.

Quality of feed is crucial to your horses health. Good feed will make a difference in the mood, fitness level & overall attitude of your animal.

Horse CostsIt seems like there is never enough money where horses are concerned, the cost of horse ownership grows with the urban sprawl. Horses are expensive animals.

Planning for the costs involved means you have a clear picture of your financial responsibility. A responsibility that doesn’t have a return policy.

StablesFinding lodging for your animal is a highly personal decision. Each horse & rider requires different facilities. A quiet place for your horse to essential to their happiness.

A set routine, exercise, a warm bed & 3 squares a day is all they ask from us. First & foremost we must provide our horses adequate living quarters.

Toxic PlantsUnfortunately there are lots of plants that can make your horse sick & plants don’t come with warning labels. It is important to have a basic knowledge of toxic plants.

If you suspect your horse has eaten something toxic or if they are acting strange – consult your vet right away. Some toxins work very quickly.

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