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Rahvan Horse

Country of Origin: Turkey

Rahvan Horse

Image from utku kaynar


The West Black Sea Rahvan Horse (or Rahvan for short) comes from Turkey and has been bred there for at least 800 years. Rahvan is the Turkish word used to describe their quick, lateral walking gait.


The Rahvan breed has been bred specifically to carry this gait at high speeds for racing & is fast at all gaits. Their original bloodlines come from a cross between the Anadolu & the Canik blood (both gaited breeds).

Like many gaited animals, the Rahvan is able to cover vast distances without expending the energy that a regularly gaited horse does. They also carry their head & tail high when traveling at this gait, reminiscent of Icelandic animals.


Average height 10.3 – 15.1 hands


Head is handsome
Neck is thick & muscular
Back is short
Chest is wide & deep
Legs are strong
Hooves are incredibly tough

Traditional Colors

All common colors




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Country of Origin: Turkey | Colors:
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