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Connemara Pony

Country of Origin: Ireland

Connemara Pony

Image from Rozpravka


The Connemara Pony originates in the Connemara region of western Ireland, a place not known for its hospitable landscape. Because of the harsh conditions, these ponies have become an incredibly hardy and tough breed.

Connemara Pony


The origin of these animals in Ireland is unknown. Some believe they are descendants of Scandinavian ponies brought by the Vikings; others believe they come from the Irish Hobby horse which is now extinct; still others say they came from Andalusians of the Spanish Armada.

Regardless of their origins, the Connemara ponies thrived in the area, later Arabian, Hackney & Thoroughbred blood was added.

This influx of bloodlines continued until the original blood became highly diluted and in 1923 the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society was formed to preserve the breed type. Today this popular breed can be found worldwide & their athletic nature and versatility makes them well suited for the show ring.

To register animals must pass a Grade 1 inspection and meet specific criteria.


Average height 13 – 15 hands
Sure-footed, hardy & agile


Head is well-shaped and in good proportion with body
Neck is long & defined
Body is compact & deep in the chest
Back is strong & muscular
Legs are clean & muscular, cannons are short & dense
Feet are hard & strong

Traditional Colors

Grey | Bay | Black | Chestnut | Dun | Palomino | Roan
Pinto patterns cannot be registered


Sensible & willing
Gentle & tractable
Intelligent with good sense

Connemara Pony

Image from Culnacreann


Riding pony
Show pony
Endurance riding
Harness horse

Connemara Pony Products

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Where to Buy

Cobblestone Farm Connemaras


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