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Megrel Horse

Country of Origin: Georgia



Also called the Megrelakaya & Mingrelian, the Megrel breed is bred in the region of Kolchida in western Georgia & they are the smallest of the Caucasian horses.


Perhaps the most ancient of the Caucasian horses as well, they come from the ancient Kolchida horse and their region of origin has been well known for breeding great horseflesh since the 12th century.

More recently attempts have been made to create a larger animal using these hardy & adaptable bloodlines. However crosses have been largely unsuccessful as the Megrel characteristics tend to be dominant.


Average height 112.2 hands


Head is large with a straight profile
Eyes tend to be small
Neck is short & thick
Back is straight
Legs are long & strong – hind legs can be cow hocked
Hooves are well shaped and hard

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay


Pack horse

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Country of Origin: Georgia | Colors: , ,
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