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Galiceño Pony

Country of Origin: Mexico



The Galiceño comes from Mexico & is relatively new in the US (since 1958). Like many of the horse breeds from the Americas, they owe their bloodlines to Spanish animals.


In the 16th century as the Spanish came to explore the new world, they brought mounts with them, not just Andalusians, but the Galician pony of northern Spain as well. The Galician along with the Garrano of Portugal were the foundation for this breed, passing along with gaits & an extreme hardiness.

These animals quickly became prized by the coastal regions of Mexico, they were small animals, but robust enough to carry a man all day over rough terrain. While their cousins made their way up into North America, the Galiceño bloodlines remained south of the border until recently.

The Galiceño Horse Breeders Association was formed in 1959, just one year after the first animals were imported into the US, to protect & preserve this versatile breed.


Average height 12.2 – 14.1 hands


Head is refined
Eyes are large & lively
Neck is slightly arched
Back is short & straight
Hindquarters are set under the body
Legs are sturdy & well defined
Feet are shapely & hard

Traditional Colors

All solid colors


Gentle & easy to handle


Riding horse
Cow pony
Long distance
Pack animal
light agriculture


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Country of Origin: Mexico | Colors:
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