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Barthais Pony

Country of Origin: France

Barthais Pony


The Barthais was once classified as a heavy horse & their roots are thought to go back to France pre 7th Century AD (Arabian blood was added for the first time in 732 AD). However, over the years their bloodlines have become lighter & smaller to the present day animal which is now classified as a pony.


The Barthais Pony is very much like the Landais Pony, although more robust & used for agriculture or other heavy work. This breed comes from France near the Stribrnem shore & is the result of local stock crossed with Berber. For a time both breeds were developed & maintained separately, but eventually they were merged & now only the Landais Pony breed exists. There are no pureblood Barthais Ponies left.


Average height 11.8 – 13.2 hands
Sturdy & tough
Has a natural “kick” action in its stride


Head is small for size, but handsome
Ears are alert & eyes are intelligent
Body is muscular & sturdy
Legs are strong & slender
Pasterns are long with natural pump action
Mane & tail are full
Tail is carried high

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | bay


Willing & kind


Riding pony
Work pony

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Country of Origin: France | Colors: , ,
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