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Jutland Horse

Country of Origin: Denmark

Danish Jutland


Probably the most well known for their association with the Carlsburg brewery, the Jutlands were used to haul heavy brewery wagons. These animals are still used for beer transportation in Copenhagen today, in addition to promotion, festivals and films.

Jutland Horse

Image from mary hodder


A heavy horse that has been bred on the Jutland peninsula of Denmark since the middle ages. This breed is thought to contain blood of the Shire horse and the Suffolk horse.


Average 15-16.1 hands
Very strong animal


Medium sized draft horse
Head is plain with a square-shaped muzzle
Neck is short and thick
Heavily muscled shoulders and broad chest
Deep, compact body, with a deep girth
Massive, powerful hindquarters
Heavy feathering on legs which are short and set wide apart

Traditional Colors:

Generally chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
Can be found in bay and black


Docile and friendly
Kind and willing

Jutland Horse

Image from talvasalla


Show horse
Use to pull drays

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