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Araboulonnais Horse

Country of Origin: France


The Araboulonnais is a relatively new French breed recently developed by crossing Arabians to the large, robust Boulonnais.


The origin of the Araboulonnais began late in the 20th century. It was thought that the beauty & pep of the Arabian would blend wonderfully with the gentleness & soundness of the large Boulonnais.

The resulting cross was an animal that was more refined than the Boulonnais but much larger & heavier than the Arabian. They were created for riding or trekking & prove to be energetic, athletic mounts with a tendency to be resistant to disease.


Average height 15.2 – 15.7 hands


This breed is new & still not clearly defined characteristically.

Traditional Colors

Generally grey


Gentle & willing
Intelligent & tough


Riding horse
Trekking horse
Agriculture work
Pleasure horse


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Country of Origin: France | Colors:
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