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Karabakh Horse

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

Karabakh Horse


Also called Karabakhskaya, the Karabakh horse is an ancient saddle breed that was developed in Nagorny Karabakh in Azerbaijan.


Coming from an area well known for producing good horses, the breed was created by crossing native Azerbaijan animals with Turkmenian, Perisan & Arabian blood (although the Arabian is perhaps the most evident physically).

The Karabakh breed has been bred & raised in the mountains for a long time and the region has shaped them in many ways. The breed was instrumental in formation of the Don breed . Unfortunately an invasion by Iran destroyed many of the stud farms & others were forced to flee which took a toll on breed numbers.

Today very few purebred animals remain. Although several breeding programs have been established to preserve their bloodlines, unfortunately none of them have been wildly successful.


Average height 14.1 – 14.3 hands


Head is small & clean with a straight profile
Eyes are alert & expressive
Neck is average in length and set high
Chest is deep
Legs are well set
Hooves are small, hard & solid
Skin is soft & thin

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | buckskin


Calm & rational


Improving other breeds
Riding horse

Karabakh Horse Products

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