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Swedish Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Sweden

Swedish Warmblood Horse

Image from Jenny Dybedahl


Horse breeding in Sweden has been a long and rocky road. Their position so far north makes much of the country an impossible place to nurture the equine animal the the remaining southern portion took a long while to catch on to selective breeding practices.


There is a horse native to Sweden, they are a small northern forest type but over the years a number of bloodlines have been imported to the area. Formal breeding programs were not developed until a 16th century attempt to improve local stock, but again, their practices were sorely lacking in their development and were not largely successful.

By the end of the 19th century the largest horse purchasing power in the country was in the hands of the farmers & the military who both had different needs for their animals. Breeding programs were divided to appease both sides, one for saddle animals using lighter & livelier stepping breeds were used.

In 1874 the government began a studbook examination system in order to streamline and upgrade breeding programs. The result was strict programs for the Swedish Ardennes, the North Swedish Horse & the Swedish Warmblood.

Once they caught on the Swedes did it right and established strict guidelines & performance tests for registration & pureblooded breeding. Today the Warmblood is well known for their athletic ability and often the mount of choice for eveners & big show jumpers.


Average height 16.2 – 17 hands


Head is handsome with a straight or convex profile
Eyes are lively
Neck is well formed & long
Back is long & straight
Chest is wide & deep
Shoulder is muscular & sloped
Legs are long & strong with clean, broad joints
Hoof is solid & shapely

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Well mannered & intelligent
Active yet attentive

Swedish Warmblood Horse


Show horse
Riding horse
Competition horse

Swedish Warmblood Horse Products

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