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Barra Pony

Country of Origin: Scotland

Barra Pony


The Barra or Bara pony is an extinct breed as of the mid 20th Century, but was once a small variety of the Hebridean Pony.


This pony comes from Hebrides, Scotland where they were used for transportation, cart horses & pack animals. Intense weather, harsh climate conditions & needs of the local people created a stout, robust pony.


Average height 14.3 hands


Head is small for the body with small ears
Neck is medium length & well connected
Chest is ample & deep
Substantial withers
Back is long & croup is sloped
Legs are gangly & large-jointed
Rump too small for the body size
Mane & tail bushy & tail is low set

Traditional Colors

Predominately bay

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Country of Origin: Scotland | Colors:
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