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Camarillo White Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Camarillo White Horse

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The Camarillo white horse has become famous over the years for their brilliant white coat and were well loved as parade animals.


This breed was developed early in the 20th century and began with a flagship stud named Sultan. The colt was of Spanish descent and bright white with brown eyes. At about 10 years of age he was admired & purchased by Adolfo Camarillo at the Sacramento State Fair.

Adolfo purchased Sultan for $500, took him to Ventura County and began a breeding program in the hopes of keeping the white coat. During that time in California Morgan horses were popular for ranch horses so Adolfo began breeding with Morgan mares.

Sultan passed on his color genetics to his progeny and a family tradition developed along with the breed. Ownership of the breed was passed through the Camarillo family & when Adolfo died his daughter Carmen continued breeding and parading the Camarillo breed.

When she died in 1987 her will maintained that the Camarillo white be auctioned off and they were sold at a public auction. Unfortunately this almost sent the breed into extinction and in 1991 there were only 11 of them left. In response to the threat the Camarillo White Horse Association was founded in 1992 to protect the remaining animals.

Today the future of the Camarillo White horses lies in the hands of personal breeders (still in Ventura County). These breeders take preservation of the breed seriously and still show them off in parades.

It should also be noted that in the 1930’s the American Albino breed was developed from one white stud who was also crossed with Morgan mares & able to pass on his creamy color.

This breed is not a color breed, they have specific physical characteristics as well.


Large expressive eyes
Good topline & compact body

Traditional Colors

Born white and remain so throughout their lives. This color is due to the dominant gene (W). Breeding this white gene can be tricky as if two parents carry it (WW) the resulting fetus will not see term. Because of this the Camarillo White Association’s motto is “Breed for conformation and pray for a white foal.”


Strong & true


Parade horses
Riding Horses

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Camarillo White Horse

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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