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Campeiro Horse

Country of Origin: Brazil

Campeiro Horse


This breed originated from Spanish and Portugese stock that was introduced to Brazil by sea Captain Alveres Nunes during his journies from Santa Catarina to Paraguay.


Their first expedition was in 1541 and Cabeza de Vaca landed with soldiers, seeds, cattle & 46 horses. The first official records of horses in Santa Catarina was in 1728. During the 19th century the Campeiro was crossed with Thoroughbred & Arabian blood to refine their looks & improve performance.

In 1976 the Brazilian Association of Campeiro Horse Breeders was founded & the herd book opened in 1985.


Average height 13.9 – 15.1 hands
The movement of the Campeiro is elastic with a marchadore and trote step, ther four beat gait may be diagonal broken or lateral broken.


Head has sub-convex facial profile, wide in the front Nneck is strong with good linear musculature, thick at the base
Chest is wide & muscular.
Back is medium length, muscular and well arched
Legs are muscular with good hooves

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay | buckskin


Solid & sturdy


Ranch work


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Country of Origin: Brazil | Colors: , ,
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