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Don Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Don Horse


Also called the Donskaya, the Don horse was developed on the steppes of the Don river and comes primarily from Russian steppe horses crossed with animals of Arabian, Karabakh, Akhal-Teke & Thoroughbred descent.


The first official recorded mention of the Don is in Moscow in 1549 & since then the times and necessities of people shaped the breeds lineage. They became known for their toughness during the early 19th century as they took their mounted warriors from Russia to tirelessly fight Napoleon’s army. Afterwards, these gallant mounts carried their warriors all the way back to Moscow.

A selective breeding program began for the breed in the 1830’s and the idea was to create a hardy army mount that required little care and sparse feeding. The resulting animals were widely adopted and well-liked for their extreme robust natures, they were also used to improve local bloodlines in many areas.

Today the Don is a common breed in Russia and can be found used for a variety of purposes. There are 3 types, eastern, heavy & saddle.


Average height 15.2 – 16.2 hands


Head is medium in size, light with a straight or slightly dished profile
Neck is medium in length with a prominent crest
Back is straight & flat
Chest is well-developed

Traditional Colors

Most solid colors


Tourist mounts
Riding horse
Harness horse

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors:
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