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Asturcón Pony

Country of Origin: Spain

Asturcón Horse


A breed from the Northwest of Spain, the Asturcón (or Asturian pony) has a natural ambling gait by which they alternate moving both legs on one side. A smooth ride, they became popular as ladies mounts in England & France, they were later referred to as hobby horses.


Thought to be a cross of the Garrano ponies of northern Portugal & Spain (which is a direct descendent of the Celtic pony) & the Sorraia of Iberia.

Neither of these bloodlines produce the ambling gait, so it is thought that perhaps some of the Celtic ponies (which are similar to Icelandic ponies) were amblers & their blood is present in the Asturcón breed.

Dire Straits

This breed has faced extinction, due to harsh geographical conditions in their feral habitat. Although their slim numbers created an interest in preserving their bloodlines, the breed is nearly extinct in its pure form.


Average height 11.2 – 12.2 hands


Small but heavy head with straight profile
Neck is long & thin with flowing mane
Back is straight & long
Feet are well-shaped & tough

Traditional Colors

Usually black (and sometimes bay) with no white markings


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Country of Origin: Spain | Colors: ,
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