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Hackney Pony

Country of Origin: England

Hackney Pony

Image from Princes Milady


The Hackney pony is purely man made breed, they were developed using selective breeding with the goal of creating a pony type within the Hackney breed.

Hackney Pony

Image from Just Chaos


In 1872 Christopher Wilson of Westmorland began crossing Hackney animals (part trotter & part roadster) with Fell & Welsh ponies. His breeding plan was an immediate success and these fast, fancy trotting ponies were well received.

The Hackney Pony does not have their own stud book, but rather they are registered as a pony type under the Hackney Horse Studbook.


Average height 12.1 – 14.1 hands
Distinctive flashy movement


Head is light & long with a straight profile
Eyes are large & expressive
Neck is arched, muscular & upright
Back is short & straight
Shoulders are sloping & muscular
Legs are slender but strong
Feed are sound

Traditional Colors

black | bay | roan


Spirited and noble

Hackney Pony

Image from Just Chaos


Enhancing other bloodlines
Carriage pony
Show pony

Hackney Pony Products

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