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Moroccan Barb Horse

Country of Origin: Morocco

Barb Horse


One of the ancestoral breeds, the Barb has bloodlines as old (or older) than the Arabian. Like the Arabian, it is a desert horse, however that is where their similarities end.


It is believed that the Arabian & Barb bloodlines met at some point during the Muslim conquests in he 7th & 8th centuries. Many of the Barb’s confirmation charactoristics proved to be dominate & few of the Arabian refinements are seen in pure Barb bloodlines.

Playing a large part in the evolution of most Spanish breeds, especially the Andalusian, the Barb blood also played a part in the modern day Thoroughbred.
Still found in plentiful numbers in Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia, the stallions are traditionally used as the mounts for the Spahi cavalry.


Average height 14.2-15.2 hands
Built to cover long distances on meager rations
Drought resistant
Great stamina
Agile movement


Straight profile
Arched neck
Flat, upright shoulders
Rounded hindquarters, low set tail
Legs are slender and hard
Narrow, durable feet

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay


High strung desert horse, bred for speed & spirit
Tough & resistant
Unstable personality


Military horses
General riding
Competition horse
Agriculture work

Barb Horse Products

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