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Batak Pony

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Batak Pony

Image from Tropenmuseum


The Batak Ponies are highly regarded among the ponies of Indonesia & are are often used to improve the bloodlines of neighboring breeds.


Thought to come from Mongol horse descent, this pony also has a considerable amount of Arabian influence as well. The combination created a hardy animal with a lightning fast pace & some physical refinement. The Batak is selectively bred in Sumatra, with some of the finest specimens contributing to the bloodlines of neighboring islands.


Average height 12 – 13 hands
Hardy & tough


Light head with slightly convex profile
Neck is well-shaped & arched
Back is short & strong
Chest is deep & shoulder well sloped
Legs are slender & muscular
Hooves are solid, hard & sound

Traditional Colors

All common colors


Kind nature & easy to manage
Willing & able


Riding pony
Cart pony
Race horse

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Country of Origin: Indonesia | Colors:
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