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Kladruby Horse

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Kladruby Horse


Also called the Kladruber & the Kladrubsky, the Kladruby Horse is the only indigenous breed of the Czech Republic and they are descendants of the old Spanish & Italian blood of the 16th & 17th centuries. They share common ancestors with the Lipizzan breed.

Kladruby Horse

Image from Satu Pitkänen


These animals were once used as a majestic ceremonial carriage horse by the Vienna imperial court. The breeding records of the Kladruby of the 18th century were destroyed by fire in 1759, 200 years of breeding records gone. Prior to this time this breed was far more colorful, but since then the breeding has been restricted to black & white animals.

Both colors were bred separately to preserve their genetic characteristics. The black color was used mainly as carriage horses for clerical dignitaries, however in 1930 the herd was liquidated & the animals sold for meat (including one of the foundation studs). A few mares remained and using them programs have been established to regenerate the strain. White Kladruby horses are still bred at the Kladruby stud, but overall the breed is in danger.


Average height 16.2 – 17 hands


Head is high with a Roman nose
Ears are small
Neck is high set & wide

Traditional Colors

black | grey

Kladruby Horse

Image from Satu Pitkänen


Sport driving

Kladruby Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Czech Republic | Colors: ,
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