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Haflinger Horse

Country of Origin: Austria

Haflinger Horse


A versatile and friendly animal, this animal wins the hearts of almost everyone who owns or rides one.

Haflinger Horse

Image from Malene


Originated in Tyrol, a mountainous region of Austria, Haflingers take their name from the tiny village of Hafling. The breed was developed when an arabian stallion was introduced to the local mountain horse breed in the late 19th century.

Only animals docile enough to trust with the children of the mountain families were kept and bred, so the fine temperament of the haflinger is not an accident.

WWII changed the physique of this animal because the military used them for pack animals, so they were bred with heavier stock. Since then an attempt has been made to return the Haflinger back to its smaller, more refined confirmation.


13 – 15 hands
Graceful and showy
Easy to keep
Highly versatile


Well shaped head often with a small muzzle
Eyes are wide, friendly and alert
Long and elegant neck
Broad body with a deep girth
Legs are clean with healthy hooves
Long and luxurious mane and tail

Traditional Colors:

Chestnut (from chocolate to blond) with flaxen mane and tail


Willing and sure footed
Hardy and amiable
Hardworking and eager

Haflinger Horse

Image from Olgalady


Cart horse
Show horse (western and english)
Pleasure horse
Mountain pack horse

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