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Danube Delta Horse

Country of Origin: Romania

Danube Delta Horse

Image from Twan-Teunissen


This is a breed of small horse or large pony that comes from the Danube Delta in Romania. There are around 5,600 wild horses that live in the delta between the Sulina and the Chilli rivers.


These animals have been native to this wetland area for centuries and were frequently caught & tamed by local farmers to keep herds from overcrowding.

In 1990 the collective farms in the area were closed and the herd numbers immediately increased, causing environmental concern around the delta. The state did not take control of the herd, and eventually part of the herd was captured in 2002 and exported to Italy for meat production.

Today, the herd is small and its fate hangs in the balance. There are parties working towards humanely moving some of them, while allowing a small herd to remain as they have for so long.


Average height 13.2 – 14 hands


Large ponies
Head is attractive with a straight profile
Eyes are large & alert
Robust & well muscled construction
Legs are long & slender

Traditional Colors

Black | bay | dun


Once domesticated they are docile & manageable
Willing to work

Danube Delta Horse

Image from Aaron | Dan


Riding horse
Work horse


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Country of Origin: Romania | Colors: , ,
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