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Eriskay Pony

Country of Origin: Scotland

Eriskay Pony

Image from Billlion


The Eriskay pony is one of the last pure pony strains that survives on the Hebrides Isles in Scotland and they are a very rare breed today.

Eriskay Pony

Image from Ruthyw


Thought to come from ancient Celtic & Norse origin, these ponies are related (& similar in appearance) to other northern breeds like those found in the Faeroes or Iceland. It is unclear which of these northern breeds developed first.

The ponies thrived in this habitat until the 19th century when cross breeding began to increase. Due to decreasing numbers of many of the northern pony breeds, in 1972 an association (the Eriskay Horse Society) was formed to manage the Eriskay pony line – which was nearing extinction.


Average height 11.3 – 13 hands


Head is large, wide & deep
Neck is strong & well muscled
Chest is deep & well sprung
Legs are fine with a tuft of feather behind the fetlock
Feet are small, neat & somewhat upright
Mane & tail are generous and waterproof

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay | pinto


Kind and docile temper
Easy to train


Riding pony
Show pony
Driving pony
Therapy pony

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