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Cayuse Pony

Country of Origin: USA

Cayuse Indian Pony


Not as well known as horses from the other tribes, the Cayuse pony is a distinct breed from the northwest and originated in the 19th century.


Their confirmation & bloodlines differ from the American mustang, Spanish Barb and other wild strains.

Frederic Remington who sketched the old west described the Cayuse Indian Pony as “Generally roan in color, with always a tendency this way, no matter how slight.”

The actual history of the breed has been lost to time, but it is generally accepted that they come from Percheron animals imported into Canada in the 17th century. Years later the Canadians brought these animals into American territory and bartered them with the Native people who brought them west. Eventually the heaver strains were crossed with the lighter Spanish animals.

The Cayuse pony had become its own breed by the 19th century and the people they were named for were known for their superior horsemanship. The heavier animals from the north had tendencies to carry white patterns and the Cayuse bred selectively for color as well.

Today the breed is on the edge of extinction and only a handful exist. There is a small herd in Porterville, California which is optimistic that the breed will recover.


Average height 14 hands
Small & stocky
Easy ambling gait


Unusually long canon bone

Traditional Colors

All colors, pinto patterns especially prized


Capable & willing
Spirited & hardy



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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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