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Heilongkiang Horse

Country of Origin: China



The Heilongkiang breed originated on the Song-liao plain in the northern Heilongkiang province of China. This area is quite proud of their horses and several state farms were responsible for much of the breed’s development.


This geographical region has widely varied climates & topographies, which meant that their animals had to be highly versatile to be beneficial & efficient.

The breed was very systematically developed, employing an intricate cross breeding system that comprised of introducing Ardennes, Soviet Heavy Draft, Vladimir Draft, Orlov Trotters, Russian Thoroughbreds, Don & Kabarda horses to local stock.

This highly scientific cross breeding was a large operation and involved many different farms & herds of the area. Eventually eight lines were selected for recognition & the breed established in 1975.

There are two main types that make up the Heilongkiang breed, a lighter riding-draft and a more robust draft-riding type.


Average height 14.2 – 15 hands

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Riding horse
Light draft

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Country of Origin: China | Colors: ,
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