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Garrano Pony

Country of Origin: Portugal

Garrano Horse

Image from MariaCartas


Also called Minho, Garrano do Minho, Trás os Montes, the Garrano is a prehistoric Portuguese pony which has adapted to the climate & geography in the northern mountain regions of the Iberian Peninsula. Cave paintings from the Paleolithic era describe a pony that is the ancestor of today’s breed.

Garrano Horse

Image from Domingos Xavier


It has been theorized that Celtic animals of similar size & stature may have contributed their genetics to the Garrano, but not proven. One of the breeds unique characteristics is a concave profile, and although they have had some Arabian influence cave paintings indicate that their profile is not an Arabian trait.

The Garrano blood is thought to run through the veins of the Asturian & Galacian horses of northern Spain as well as the mighty Andalusian which occasionally displays a concave profile as proof.


Average height 10 – 14 hands


Head is small but can be heavy with a straight or slightly concave profile
Eyes are large & lively
Neck is long and muscular
Back is short & straight
Mane & tail are abundant
Chest is deep & wide
Legs are long & solid with broad joints
Feet are shapely and tough

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Well mannered & intelligent
Easy going & willing to learn

Garrano Horse

Image from Domingos Xavier


Pack animals
Military use


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Country of Origin: Portugal | Colors: ,
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