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Latvian Horse

Country of Origin: Latvia

Latvian Horse

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Also called the Latviiskaya, the Latvian comes from Latvia and is a robust all around utility horse that was developed in the beginning of the 20th century.


Breeding began in 1921 by crossing native horses with the blood of western European harness & saddle types including Oldenburg, Hanoverian & some Holstein animals. The animals native to Latvia are thought to share common ancestors with the Døle Gudbrandsdal.

There are three types within the breed, a heavier draft type (most reminiscent of the native animals) a harness & a sport horse. Initially the harness type received more attention in breeding programs, but as the popularity of equestrian sporting grew in Latvia more sport types were bred. The draft type is the rarest of the three as need for them has declined.


Average height 15.1 – 16 hands


Chest is broad
Back is long & flat
Legs are well set with good joints

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay


Riding horse
Sport horse
Show horse

Latvian Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Latvia | Colors: , ,
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