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Walkaloosa Horse

Country of Origin: USA



The Walkaloosa is an appaloosa horse that moves with an ambling gait, like to the Spanish Jennet. Appaloosa horses have displayed a pacing gait date back to China thousands of years ago & slowly made their way into Europe and eventually the Americas.


Appaloosas display gaits in many different places and they were originally lumped into the same category as all animals with the leopard patterns and registered as Appaloosas. However, appaloosa breeders shied away from breeding gaited animals and eventually the registry quit accepting them.

In 1983 the Walkaloosa Horse Association was formed to preserve animals with both gaits & spots. In order for an animal to qualify they have to have been born of a registered Walkaloosa, possess the leopard gene & natural gaits or be the result of an appaloosa & a gaited breed.


Average height 14 – 15.2 hands


Physical confirmation will vary based on bloodlines.

Traditional Colors

Appaloosa white patterns


Riding horse

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Walkaloosa Horse Association

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Atigrado Acres


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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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