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French Cob Horse

Country of Origin: France

French Cob Horse

Image from Larayevire


Also called Norman Cob or Normandy Cob the French Cob comes from the Norman Carriage Horse and has been used in France for many years for both pulling coaches & light agriculture work.

French Cob Horse

Image from Eponimm


There were two types of French Cobs, a lighter version more suitable for riding, (which was absorbed into the French Saddle Horse) and a larger animal that is now associated more with draft breeds. Today the cob is looked at as more of a type than a breed, and there is no official studbook, although the National Stud purchases & owns all cob studs. Their genealogy is patrilineal, if the sire is a cob, then the foal is a cob, regardless of the dam’s breed. Today the breed is very rare.


Average height 15.3 – 16.3 hands
Because there is no official breeding association, the physical characteristics of the French Cob will vary.


Head is plain & sensible
Neck is short & muscular
Chest is deep & wide
Back is short with a compact body
Legs are sturdy & strong with minimal feathering

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | roan


Docile but energetic

French Cob Horse

Image from Eponimm


Carriage horse
Riding horse
Meat production

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