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Charollais Horse

Country of Origin: France


Chevaux à la herse by Emile Jacque


This is an ancient breed comes from a cross between Thoroughbred & Anglo Norman animals and was originally bred as a calvary mount. These days they are popular sporting mounts often used for hunting.


A French bloodstock horse, these animals were bred specifically in the Charolles region and are thought to have oriental origin. Although their actual ancestry is unknown their versatility and supreme endurance led them to become a popular saddle mount.

Originally a rustic, tough little horse the Charollais slowly transformed and refined over time to become a lighter, swifter animal.

In 1958 they were officially merged into the French Saddle horse and as a distinct breed they no longer exist.


Average height 15 – 16.2 hands
Tough, hardy animals


Head is short and strong with bold ears
Neck is short & sharp
Body is short & round
Legs are strong & sound

Traditional Colors

Any solid color


Sensible & willing
Sober & robust


Highly regarded as a calvary mount
Used for eventing, jumping & dressage
Saddle horse

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Country of Origin: France | Colors:
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