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Hungarian Horse

Country of Origin: Hungary

Hungarian Horse


The Hungarian Horse can be traced back to the original people that settled the Carpathian basin 1,000 years ago called the Magyars. They were nomadic steppe people and descendants of the Huns so they carried a strong horse culture.


These original Magyar animals were crossed with heavier draft animals to increase their farming & agricultural value, then crossed with Arabian, Andalusians & Lipizzans to keep them refined in nature.

Later during the 17th, 18th & 19th centuries the Hungarian horses received a fair amount of English & French Thoroughbred blood, as well as half-bloods and Asian animals. The resulting animal is one of incredible stamina that is easy to work with & ride.

In 1780 the Austro-Hungarian Empire established a government breeding plan using three breeding farms who had very standards for breeding & the breed flourished. That is until the second World War when stud farms were hastily evacuated by the German army to Bavaria before the Russians invaded Hungary. During this time an army Colonel took a liking to the Hungarian animals and brought about 150 of them back to the states.

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