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Bakhtiari Horse

Country of Origin: Iran

Bakhtiari Horse


The Bakhtiari is a variant of the Plateau Persian horse of Iran, sharing basic conformation & heritage. They are mainly bred by the Bakhtiari tribesmen of Khuzestan Province in the south of Iran.


The basis of this breed is the usual strains of Hamdani, Khuhilan, Nesman & other Arabian strains, but those strains have become so mixed that the breed cannot be compared to a purebred Arabian. (In Iran, an Arab is called ‘Asil‘ which means pure).

The Bakhtiari & other Iranian Arab types are lovely animals, but in no way compare to pure Arabians. They are taller, somewhat ‘lankier’, with facial features not as dished. All the same, they are perfectly adapted to the conditions of the area they inhabit & they are valued by their owners.


Average height 14.3 hands
Built for speed & stamina




Riding horse

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Country of Origin: Iran |
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