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Camargue Horse

Country of Origin: France

Camargue Horse


The Cmargue horse is one of the oldest breeds in the world & closely related to the remains of prehistoric animals that have been found in southern France.

Camargue Horse


Although the breed is prehistoric in lineage their origins are still a mystery. They may come from the ancient Soutré horse (now extinct). Over the years many people have passed through & settled in the Camargue. The horses these people brought with them have all had an influence on the breed over the centuries.

These animals are left to run wild and there are no strict breeding programs, reproduction & birth are done as nature intended. In 1976 the French government set standards for the breed and in 1978 a stud book was established. Today the breed is protected to retain their prehistoric bloodlines.

Due to centuries natural selection, these animals have become sturdy and adaptable, able with withstand harsh conditions and inadequate nutrition.


Average height 13 – 14 hands
Rugged & breeds true to type
Easily able to travel long distances & capable of withstanding extreme conditions


Head is large & square with a straight or slightly convex profile
Eyes are large & expressive, ears are short & broad
Neck is short, muscular & deep at the base
Mane & tail hair is long & thick
Back is short & straight
Chest is wide & deep
Legs are hardy with clean joints & strong, wide hooves

Traditional Colors



Lively & good natured
Well suited for riding
Even-tempered & hardy
Brave & true

Camargue Horse


Herding livestock
Show animals

Camargue Horse Products


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Country of Origin: France | Colors:
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