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Guizhou Pony

Country of Origin: China

Guizhou Pony

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The Guizhou pony is a native breed of the mountainous Guizhou Province in China where agriculture was developed as early as 770 BC. Relatively isolated geographically, these animals have had little outside influence and are an incredibly pure breed.


This breed was originally used for cultivation and transportation in the hilly regions and less so for agriculture, which is reflected in their smaller stature. There are two different types of this breed, one more suited as a riding horse and one stronger and used as a pack animal.


Average height 11.2 hands


Head has a straight profile
Neck is sloped in riding type and flat in pack type
Hindquarters are short & sloping but muscular
Hind legs have a tendency to be sickled
Hooves are solid & tough

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | dun


Active & vigorous
Willing & obedient


Riding horse
Pack animal

Guizhou Pony Products

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