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Spanish Barb Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Spanish Barb


Interestingly enough the Spanish Barb originated in the Americas, although they were developed by the Spanish & they come from North African & Iberian animals.


Breeding of these animals was originated in the Americas during the 16th & 17th centuries by breeding Barbs to a variety of Iberian breeds like the Andalusian & the Jennet. These animals effectively carry the strength, endurance & adaptability of the Barb with the noble bearing, quality breeding & smooth gaits of the Iberian animals. Their ancestors helped to discover the new world and was found useful to all of the people they encountered.

Though they have long been useful, their numbers are very low. Currently there are breeding programs in place spearheaded by enthusiast Susan Field-Paulton. In 1957 she realized just how few purebred animals were left and decided to do something about it. She acquired a small herd and began active breeding by the mid 1960’s. Animals were qualified based on their genetic lineage, physical characteristics, performance & their ability to produce consistent progeny.


Average height 13.3 – 14.3 hands


Head is handsome, refined with a convex or subconvex profile
Eyes are almond shaped and set low
Neck is short & heavily crested
Shoulder is long & sloping
Legs are well positioned
Hooves are tough & thick-walled

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | dun | roan | pinto | buckskin


Intelligent & easy to train
Spirited & noble
Sensible & dependable


Riding horse
Cattle horse
Endurance mount

Spanish Barb Horse Products

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Spanish Barb Breeders Association

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