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Sandan Horse

Country of Origin: China

Sandan Horse


The Sandan horse comes specifically from the Sandan Farm which is at the foot of the Qilian Shan mountain range in China.


These animals are bred at altitudes upwards of 8,000 ft, a place where average temperatures hover around the freezing point. Although the conditions are rough, the Sandan plateau has historically been known for their fine & hardy horses by carefully crossing native creatures with exotic imports.

Generally hardy animals are small in stature and as breeding progressed a larger animal was desired. Unfortunately crosses with even tougher northern horse breeds like the Don meant a sacrifice in adaptability.


Average height 13.3 – 14 hands


Head is light
Neck is plain
Legs are dry & clean with large joints
Feet are hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Good tempered


Riding horse
Pack animal
Light draft

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Country of Origin: China | Colors: ,
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