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New Kirgiz Horse

Country of Origin: Kyrgyzstan

New Kirgiz Horse

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Also called the Novokirgizskaya, the New Kirgiz Horse was developed using the old Kirgiz breed and was developed around 1930 in Kyrgyzstan.


The original breed was native to the mountainous regions of Kirgizia & Kazakhstan, came from Mongolian stock and was used by local tribes for centuries.

Early in the 20th century a need for larger animals grew for larger scale agriculture and the Kirgiz horses were crossed with English Thoroughbred & Don horses. The resulting animals formed the foundation for the New Kirgiz breed.

The state controlled the breeding and by the middle of the 20th century it’s numbers were flourishing and three different types were recognized, basic, massive & saddle.

Massive – The largest & best of the types, they are well suited for highland conditions & used primarily for meat & milk production

Saddle – Not as well suited to local conditions and not as popular, used mostly for milk production

Basic – A combination of the two types above & often found with confirmation faults due to poor breeding


Average height 14.2 – 15.2 hands


Head is medium in size & clean cut
Neck is low
Back is straight
Legs are clean

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay

New Kirgiz Horse

Image from zz77


Milk production
Meat production
Riding horse
Harness horse
Pack animal

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Country of Origin: Kyrgyzstan | Colors: , ,
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