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Hmong Horse

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Hmong Horse

Image from koen_photos


The small Hmong Horse is native to Vietnam and although they are very small, the have no problem bearing the weight of a full-grown man.


This breed comes from the Ha Giang Province of Vietnam which is a very remote area. Not much is known about their origins, however they are thought to be descendants of Sichuan, Tomorean or Mongolian horses. However they have been relatively untouched due to their physical isolation so their lineage tends to be fairly pure.

This breed is not officially recognized nor is there a breeding program in place.


Head has broad forehead
Mane is thick & cropped

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | dun | Palomino & Buckskin


Good natured


Riding horse
Pack animal

Hmong Horse Products

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