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Karabair Horse

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan

Karabair Horse


Also called the Karabairskaya, the Karabair breed is one of the most ancient breeds originating in central Asia. They were developed in what is now known as Uzbekistan and northern Tajikistan which are both areas known for breeding high quality horseflesh.


These animals come from southern & steppe breeds and display physical characteristics of both the desert animals and the steppe horses. Since before the times of Christ this area has been known for production of solid horses, the Chinese documented this area as a great producer of war horses.

Today there are three different types of the Karabair breed, basic, heavy & saddle, although in recent years lack of demand for the heavy type has caused their numbers to decline drastically.


Average height 14.2 – 15 hands


Head is medium in size with a straight or ram profile
Neck is medium to long and high set
Back is short & wide
Chest is well developed
Legs are clean & strong
Mane & tail are sparse

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Lively & alert


Equestrian Sports
Riding horse

Karabair Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Uzbekistan | Colors: , , ,
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