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Gotland Pony

Country of Origin: Sweden

Gotland Pony

Image from Kažemaks


Also called the Skogsruss & the Russ, the Gotland Pony is an ancient breed that is native to the Gotland island of Sweden. In fact, prior to the 1950’s the Baltic & the Gotland were the only ponies bred in Sweden.

Gotland Pony

Image from hemingway242


The breed has existed in Scotland since the Stone Age, and comes from the ancient northern European forest horse. They have changed very little since the stone age and are similar in characteristics to the Exmoor pony, it’s often difficult to tell apart.

Named for the Goth people who were known as great travelers & warriors, the Goths were nomads and used these ponies to carry their homes & family with them wherever they invaded next. It is believed that many of the pony breeds found in northern & western European countries have some Gotland in their lineage.

It wasn’t until the economic boom of the 1980’s that there was a renewed interest in hobby horses & the Gotland became fashionable again.


Average height 11.2 – 13 hands


Head has a straight profile
Ears are small & alert
Eyes are large & lively
Neck is short & muscular
Back is long & straight
Legs are strong with solid joints
Hooves are strong & hard

Traditional Colors

Predominately dun but come in all colors.


Good tempered & multi-faceted

Gotland Pony

Image from Malene


Children’s mount
Light agriculture

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