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Oldenburger Horse

Country of Origin: Germany



Initially the Oldenbuger was developed as a coach horse that was adaptable enough for agriculture work. Like many of the European competition horses, the bloodlines were developed over time to accommodate the changes in society.

Oldenburg Horse

Image from Ayesha


Originating in the 17th century in provinces of Oldenburg and East Friesland, the Oldenburger (or Oldenburg) blood is derived from Fresian horses.

Its initial development as a coach horse was in large part due to the Count of Oldenburg, Anton Gunter von Oldenburg. The Count imported Spanish and Neapolitan (of Barb-type ancestry) horses to enhance the Oldenburg bloodlines.

As bloodlines were infused over the next century the Oldenburger slowly became a more refined carriage type horse. Sacrificing none of its massive body size the coarse roman nose was bred out and they became more suited for work under saddle.

Towards the end of the 18th century a mix of Thoroughbred and Norfolk Roadster blood made its way into the Oldenburger bloodlines. From this point the breed stayed very much unchanged for close to a century.

Around 1897 a mixed bag of bloodlines were introduced, the English Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay, Hanoverian, and the Norman Horse. The result was a strong utility horse, handy in agriculture and under saddle.

The modern Oldenburger is bred solely for riding and competition, additions of bloodlines are only to keep an even temper and free action.


Average height 16.2-17.2 hands
Powerful, rangy build
Straight, elastic and rhythmic action


Handsome, well-set head
Strong shoulders
Deep chest with a long back
Wide and strong hindquarters
Thick, stocky legs
Large hooves

Traditional colors

black | bay | grey


A big even-tempered animal
Manageable for their size

Oldenburg Horse

Image from Culnacreann


General riding horse
Coach horse
Show horse
Eventing horse

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